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5 Most Unusual Pools In The World

We scoured the world in search for the World’s 5 Most Unusual Pools. Which one of these is your favorite? They all offer something unique and a lot of drama.. Enjoy!

#1 The Library, Koh Samui, Thailand

This pool with “red water” might suggest a crime scene. Well, no harm was done. This pool at The Library in Thailand looks as though the water is red, that is because of the of red, orange and yellow mosaic tiles installed on the bottom of the pool. The effect is amplified by the red lounge mattresses by the edge of the pool.

#2 Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangpiao, China

This pool is located on the 24th floor of the hotel. It is 30 meters long, 6 meters wide and 1.5 meters deep. The funniest part is that half of the pool is suspended outside the hotel.

#3 Hemeroscopium House, Madrid, Spain

This pool defies gravity and can be admired and tried, in Madrid. Who thinks that swimming at height is too overwhelming? Try the normal pool located under the “Gravity Pool”.

#4 The Cambrian, Switzerland

Those who’d want to swim here should consider two essential things: hypothermia and height. Located high in the Swiss Alps, the pool is built right at the edge of the mountain. With temperatures nearing zero, the water is heated, so the pool can be used no matter the season.

#5 Aquaria Grande Residential Tower, Mumbai, India

Aquaria Grande Tower is currently under construction. But when the project will be finished, it will be one of the most amazing places to live. That is because the balconies will be converted into pools.

There you have it… Our Top 5 very unusual, dramatic and a tad scary pools to choose from. Which do you prefer. Let us know below in our comments section and please subscribe to our blog for more amazing pool stories.

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