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London hotel sells services to neighbouring short term rental apartments

By eHotelier editor|November 9th, 2016

The Bermondsey Square Hotel in South London is introducing a new concept called Bermondsey SquAIR that embraces the evolution of the hospitality industry by offering its’ services for Airbnb style rental apartments within a one mile radius of the hotel. The first active partnerships launch on November 12th, allowing apartment owners in the area the opportunity to partner with the hotel to provide rental accommodation to a luxury boutique hotel standard.

There has been hot debate recently about the place in the market for the traditional hotelier alongside the fluid dynamic of new generation offerings such as Airbnb. This concept is the first of its kind and is set to change the relationship between hotels and the short-term rental providers. Bermondsey Square Hotel is offering a selection of hotel services for local rental apartments within one mile of the hotel including:
  • Housekeeping services
  • Key management
  • Point of contact
  • Maintenance


Those with short term rental properties in the local area will have the opportunity to collaborate with Bermondsey Square Hotel on a myriad of hotel services, allowing the property to be maintained to a luxury boutique hotel standard.  Guests to the apartments arrive knowing that the property offered is backed by a reputable luxury hotel offering them flawless concierge, maintenance and housekeeping facilities.

Services offered

More than simply a management service, this offers support for apartment owners, a seamless stay for guests with professional service around the clock. Even before booking the benefits begin, as potential guests can see before their stay that the apartments have the credibility and backing of a respected hotel name.
Professional housekeeping services are available including linen hire, deep clean and room servicing, be it a departure or stay over, owners can be assured that any additional requests are organised seamlessly.
Allowing an easier pick up and drop off of keys, Bermondsey Square Hotel can be nominated as the collection point. The trained members of staff provide a professional and friendly meet and greet whilst also taking care of any security requirements owners may have. Offering a safe and secure environment, the hotel surroundings offer a comfortable surrounding for those guests who may be hesitant about booking an Airbnb style property or new rental apartment. Guests will also be able to leave their luggage at the hotel on check out of their apartment.
Any minor maintenance queries from blocked drains, tripped switches or other issues can be dealt with immediately by trained professionals. Alternatively, specialist contractors or local tradesmen can be recommended or organised to ensure everything is taken of.
This service offers guests the ultimate peace of mind with 24 hour support from trained duty managers who are located within the immediate vicinity of the hotel. As services are only offered with a one mile radius of the property, this allows a manager to be on site within 30 minutes. The fees for this local service are tailored to specific rental needs.
Technology is at the forefront of the changing face of hospitality and Bermondsey Square is embracing this with an app called ALICE. This app will allow guests in rental accommodation to communicate quickly and effectively with the team, letting us know of any requirements and tracking the response. This also allows a transparent and efficient way to show when services have been completed for owners to observe remotely.

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