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1. Personalisation 
2015 will see a rapid rise of personalised web experiences. Hotels will begin to use data in more sophisticated ways to develop tailored content and target customers based on their preferences and online behaviour.

2. Mobile isn't a trend
Mobile bookings will continue to grow at a fast pace throughout 2015. With a prediction that mobile travel bookings will reach $39.5 billion in 2015, contributing to 25% of the total online travel market.

3. Booking abandonment
With approximately 98% of visitors to a hotel's website abandoning the funnel, booking abandonment tools are the answer to driving customers back through the conversion funnel for 2015.

4. Meta search
There is still a long journey to be taken by Meta Search providers to make this an effective channel for hoteliers. The challenge for 2015 is to ensure Meta search channels deliver bookings at a profitable CPA.

5. Mobile payment
2015 will see "mobile payment" become mainstream for mobile hotel bookings. In the past year, the online retail industry witnessed a surge in alternative payment methods such as PayPal, with up to 1 in 4 mobile transactions now through these channels.

6. Owning our own real estate
The average traveller journey from research to booking takes 24 days and includes 21.6 touch points. 2015 will see an increased focus on owning your brand voice on all channels.

7. Pay to play social media 
Social platforms will continue to make significant algorithm changes which will affect the social reach of promotional and sales driven content, Hotels will increasingly need to pay in order for this content to be seen.

8. Persona driven content
Hotel must become customer-centric and look at a hotel through the lens of customer rather than the hotel marketer. Hotels need to start understanding what their customer personas want and need from a hotel and tailor their experiences around this.

9. New SEO
With Google now monetizing 100% "above the fold" for hotel search results, Marketers must push the boundaries for organic traffic, 2015 is the year of new SEO - where optimisation moves away from traditional tactics and focuses more on overall customer experience across all channels.

10. Programmatic marketing
We are set for an explosion of Programmatic bidding throughout 2015. Currently 35% of total ad spend is spent on display advertising bought through "programatic" technologies.

11. Audio-visual content
Studies show that people remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read and 80% of what they see and do, 2015 will see the growth in visual storytelling, allowing hotels to grow a vibrant and engaged community.

12. Experience driven strategies
2015 will witness a growth of experience driven marketing strategies, today's consumers want to stay with hotels that acknowledge their preferences and desires...engage your customers through immersive brand and product stories that create excitement and stir their emotion.

13. Proximity technology
91% of smartphone users have their devices within arm's reach 24/7, hotel marketers can take advantage of this by using proximity marketing where various rich media and permission based messages can be pushed out to customers based on location.

14. Baby boomers'
Baby boomers' are the wealthiest generation and becoming increasingly tech savvy with 33% of internet users now falling into this demographic. Its imperative that hotels include this generation when it comes to their 2015 digital marketing strategies.

15. Holistic approach to revenue management
The rapid change in consumer behaviour will require hotels to adopt an integrated approach to revenue management by more strongly involving sales and marketing in the decision making process. Convergence of these roles will be crucial to managing distribution channels effectively in 2015.

Source : netaffinity.com

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