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Six Important Tips On Hotel Etiquette

When we stay at an inn, we look for the best they have to offer. We want our rooms to be clean and comfortable, our food to be tasty and filling, and the staff to be professional. As the customer, we deserve first-class service. This is especially true when we visit a high-profile establishment.

While we come to expect a lot from the people who serve us at places of lodging, it is easy to forget that they put forth lots of effort and time into making our stay as enjoyable as possible. These people often go out of their way to accommodate us in any way they can. Showing them our appreciation can encourage them to keep up the good work, even making our stay even better. Here are six important tips on hotel etiquette that can benefit both parties.

1. Make reservations early. Everyone is familiar with experiences of trying to book a room at the last moment, and not getting one as a result. Holidays are notorious for these kinds of incidents, and the team at the inn can be struggling with unhappy customers during these times. Reserving your space in advance can help take some of the stress off the hosts, not to mention ensure that you are guaranteed a room.

2. Keep an eye on your party. If you're travelling with friends and family, make sure that everyone respects the rules of the hotel. Excessive noise and activity can disrupt other guests and hinder the staff on duty.

3. Respect your room. Damaging or mishandling furniture in your room can cause trouble for the establishment. It can result in restrictions being enforced and prices being raised down the line, which can affect your future visits. Treat everything in the room with utmost care.

4. Respect the housekeepers. These professionals usually have large sections of rooms to maintain on a tight schedule. Remember to dispose of any trash in your room using the designated receptacles. If you have any used bath towels, group them together on the bathroom floor or another designated area. Keeping a tidy area helps housekeeping aides work quickly, allowing them to see to other guests' rooms on time.

5. Be considerate of consumables. Items such as shampoo and soap may be complimentary, but it is poor form to take them when you leave. These resources cost the hotel money, and they may bill you for any items you simply take. Additionally, when you visit the complimentary breakfast area, don't take more than what you plan to eat there.

6. Use manners. A simple "please" and "thank you" can do wonders when interacting with the hotel team, making a pleasant experience for you and your hosts.

Courtesy is a two-way street when you stay at a hotel. Using these tips will not only demonstrate your appreciation for the establishment, but will also help make your stay and that of others all the more enjoyable.

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