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A Brief Packing List: 6 Essential Things You Need To Carry

You are going to a trip within a few days. You may like to carry light bags when you are traveling with your friends or alone. But there are some essential things you should never forget while packing your luggage bags. At first, make a list of essential travel items.

These items do not only include cosmetics and dresses, they also include medicines and documents. If you are going to the beaches, you should take lots of sunscreen lotions and umbrellas with you. When you are going to the mountains, you should carry woolen clothes, tent materials, lot of dried foods and money.

1. Travel Documents
Travel documents are very crucial. These include passports, flight tickets, and visas. If you forget to take any one of the items with you, you can face many problems in the future. Without the visa and passport, you are not able to cross the borders. These documents are very important for traveling to foreign countries. You have to show your flight tickets in the airport. If you do not have these documents, you cannot check-in. It is always a good idea to carry the ID proof and driving license if you have any.

2. Clothes
You should pack your dress according to the destination. Outdoor activities require special dresses like sports pants and sports accessories. Short trips do not need lot of dresses. If you are going to a cooler place, then you should take lots of woolen clothes and jackets along with you. Take two-three pairs of shoes for emergency purpose. But you should keep in mind that you are taking dresses that are quite comfortable for you. Making yourself, a fashion statement is not a good idea when you are traveling.

3. Items for Entertainment
When you are traveling, feeling of boredom is quite common. In such cases, you should carry iPods, MP3 players, laptops and smart phones to hear music and watch videos. You can also carry story books and novels for reading. Books are the best ways for entertainment. Books will never make you feel bad. Now, most smartphones have the facility to download e-books from where you can read stories and books.

4. Cameras
Digital cameras are one of the vital items for travel. It helps you to capture the special moments in a frame. You can cherish those memories even after you return from the trip. Put your camera and batteries in your bag before going out.

5. Medicines
These two are most important items you should never forget. You should take emergency medicines for fever, stomach pain, headache, injuries and for other physical problems. Though, medicine stores are available everywhere, but is the best idea to carry your own medicines with you.

6. Money
Money matters the most. It is not necessary that every place should have ATM counters. You should carry enough cash along with you. If you are traveling to foreign countries, it is better that you exchange the currency at airports.
These are some of the important items you should carry in your luggage bags. If you forget to take any one of it, you can face many severe problems while traveling. So, make a list and then pack your bags.

Source : Ezinearticles

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